Fun Game: Question and Answer #11

Foot Locker Basketball Singapore

How many shots did ATE Lion make?

How many shots did Mommy Lion make?

How many shots did Daddy Lion make?

How to join?

  1. Submit your answer using the link for each question.
  2. Don’t forget to share the video, reel and comment anything you want to qualify for your entry.
  3. One (1) winner will receive P500 for each question. If you’re lucky, you can WIN all three questions, for a total of P1,500.
  4. Kindly ensure that you are following our page The Lion Family.
  5. Submissions are accepted until Friday, September 8, 2023 at 6PM, and the live announcement of winners will be made between 7:30-8PM.
  6. The winners MUST BE PRESENT during the live stream to claim their prize.

Thank you and have fun!