Fun Game: Question and Answer #13

Hong Kong Trip 2023 Day 2 at The Peak
Hong Kong Trip Day 2, 2023

1. Ano ang brand ng bag ng sister-in-law ni Mommy Lion?

2. Ano ang color ng boots ng Mother ni Mommy Lion?

3. Ano ang color ng bagong tram sa The Peak Tram?

4. Ano ang brand ng twinning jacket ni Mommy Lion & Solenn?

5. Ano ang brand ng kotse (uber ride) na sinakyan namin pabalik ng hotel?

How to join?

  1. Submit your answer using this link.
  2. Don’t forget to comment ‘joined’ in the comment section on the FB post to qualify for your entry.
  3. One (1) winner will receive P500.
  4. Kindly ensure that you are following our page The Lion Family.
  5. Submissions are accepted until Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 6PM, and the live announcement of winners will be made between 7:30-8PM.
  6. The winners MUST BE PRESENT during the stream to claim their prize.

Thank you and have fun!