I ❤️ LEGOLAND – Part 1

Legoland Malaysia

This is our second visit to Legoland. Our first visit was in 2016, when Solenn was just three years old.

Solenn’s 10th Birthday – Part 1

She said it was worth it, but really, it’s us who should be saying that. Despite the hot weather, almost missing our bus, and getting no sleep, there’s no amount of joy that can compare to hearing your daughter say, ‘It was worth it’. Money can be earned, but the time and memories spent with your kids are priceless. We’re thrilled that you enjoyed your birthday trip!

She was so overwhelmed with happiness that she even cried on our way back to Singapore. She couldn’t quite explain why, but the joy of the experience was just too much for her to contain. Seeing her that happy was truly a priceless moment that we will cherish forever.

I ❤️ LEGOLAND – Part 1 Vlog