Singapore to Legoland Malaysia Trip Day 3: A Day in the Life of the Lion Family as Tour Guides

The Tower at Legoland

On their last day here in Singapore, we left early for a trip to Legoland in Malaysia. We rented out two cars. It was a hassle-free ride crossing Johor Bahru because we didn’t need to alight from the car at both the Singapore and Malaysia borders.

We arrived at Legoland Hotel around 10:00 am. Then they checked in to their room to drop off their luggage. After that, we entered the Legoland theme park, and the kids rode two rides before we had lunch. Following lunch, the kids rode more rides. The weather was good; it was not too hot.

We had dinner at Burger King in Mall of Medini, which is just a few steps away from Legoland theme park. Afterward, we all returned to the hotel and bid goodbye to Jett’s relatives. We are not staying overnight in Malaysia. Instead, we are going back to Singapore, while Jett’s relatives will be staying at the Legoland Hotel for the night before heading to Kuala Lumpur the next day.

Overall, we were happy to spend time with Jett’s family at Universal Studios and Legoland theme park. It’s always enjoyable for the four of us to go to theme parks together, but this time was especially fun with relatives. Solenn had the best time spending two days with her cousins after not seeing them for four years due to COVID.

We booked the car transfer from Singapore to Legoland Hotel Malaysia here: